Northern Californian Paradise

Global economic problem slowly creeps in and affects many people’s lives. The problem seems to continue as the welfare cost heightens and many people became unemployed adding to those who are still left out of work even during the economic reign. In this, people came to reflect and consider living out of cities that spells expensive living while the government is doing their training and retraining programs help with homework.

Sacramento is the capital of California and many might think that this place is the most wonderful place to live. However, it is but true that there are several great places to live in outside of Sacramento area. Among these are Roseville and Rancho Cordova. These two areas are famous places to live in Northern California.

The first city, Roseville has a population of a little over 100,000 residents but is growing steadily expecting it to be closer to almost 134,000 by the year 2015. The area of Roseville is over 30 square miles big and has several beautiful streams that go through the city named Dry Creek, Linda Creek, Secret Ravine and Cirby Creek. The place is rich in beautiful and lush vegetation that is common in Northern California with it cooler climate and additional rainfall. Most of the rain falls during the cooler winter seasons as summer in Roseville is typically hot and dry.

In terms of economic status, this city is of strong economic stability with retail businesses most popular among businessmen. . It is the spot of one of the largest Auto malls in the nation that helps the local community as well as being known for a great deal of shopping options. This city ranked as having the 11th highest retail sales in the entire state of California with its wide variety of shopping options. Pretty much like a city with mixed shoppers, Roseville is known as the regional shopping destination with people travelling there to go shopping. There seems to be no end in the shopping spree of the people who enjoys visiting malls offering affordable prices. Malls and stores keeps on sprouting as the economy improves, making way for many available centers shoppers could choose from, leaving them all consumed with the enjoyment and fun they are feeling when they shop.

Over the years, the great city is still in the pursuit of growing even stronger and bountiful. In this noble pursuit, they always try to revitalize the ruins of previous historic buildings, making it them another step in the glorious milestone of success.

On the other hand, Rancho Cordova, named after the Cordova vineyards located there, is a new community that was incorporated in 2003 and already has a population of over 60,000 residents. It is composed of a diverse mixture of residents. Rancho Cordova is famous for its lush greeneries and stable economic status. Although not much more like the city of Roseville, Rancho Cordova is equally exquisite in beauty and sceneries as well as a peaceful place to live by.

These two places in the Northern California is a serene paradise where you can find peace and calmness away from the busy, noisy and messy streets of central California. Here, the people may enjoy the sceneries, be captivated by it, while still having the chance to live life like of the City center, with all the night life and peer gigs on bars and restaurants, shopping malls and beauty parlors, cinemas and parks.

Indeed, there is more to these two places than what just being said. To know them more, try buying a house of rent one there and experience the one of a kind adventure of city living.

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