Finding the Best Place in Ireland

Finding a home in Ireland is like life itself. It is more like climbing up a thousand flights of stairs only to find out at the end that a functional elevator is just a step away from the base of the staircase. Here, it doesn’t mean that simple things became complicated because we are ignorant, but, more than that, it addressed that complex things would become way too simple if we begin to embrace reality at the same time not let reality overtakes us deeply, you see, the way we perceive things make it these things simple or complicated.

Ireland is very well-known for being one of the best places in the world to live. With its economic stability and traditional values, no wonder it attracts people from all over the globe to make a home in the place. Also, with the gorgeous scenery and friendly people, it is positively irresistible. Being just a fairly small country doesn’t give it a negative connotation as it has a good mixture of cities and countryside, giving plenty of choices for those who are wishing to live there. So before you get dizzy in thinking which place would be the best, here are some of the guidelines on how to find the perfect place in Ireland.

Step 1: List your priorities. Consider your needs. If you have children, you may want to consider schools in the area or if your work requires you to travel abroad more often, then you might consider finding a residence near to an international airport.

Step 2: Think about your lifestyle. If you are always in seeking for a city life excitement, then settle for a city. But if you are a person who enjoys the silence and quite meditating sceneries, then you may want to consider a rural life. Or, you may focus your search on cities like Dublin, Cork and Galway, or you may prefer the more tranquil areas like those along the west coast. It all depends on you, so better have the time considering your options.

Step 3: Consider living the capital life. For all you know, Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland, and there is no doubt that it can be an exhilarating place to live. However, Dublin life will cost you higher than that in the rest of Ireland’s cities, so better have a careful consideration. You see, many visitors are familiar with Dublin, so it often becomes the first port of call when looking for a home in Ireland. But then again, do not fail to consider that Ireland has other great cities as well.  Galway is the capital of West Ireland and is thriving city with plenty of arts and culture, making it a good alternative to Dublin. For a much better decision, you may want to visit Cork, Shannon, Kikenny, Waterford and Limerick to see how they compare to the capital.

Step 4: Check house prices. Considering the prices you can afford is really an important thing to do. They greatly vary from one area to another area. Knowing you options in terms of prices can greatly affect your decision, especially if owning a home is your goal. Take a look on each prices range as this will also give you ideas on the average price paid for a house in Ireland, as well as the regional variations. Prices in the commuter counties of Louth, Meath, Kildare and Wicklow also tend to be higher than those in the rest of the country, but not as high as Dublin’s.

Step 5: Do a trial run. Before you finally move to a new place, you must first have an actual experience living in the area for a bit to see if it feels right.  You may first try renting in your chosen region for a few months before committing to live permanently or before buying a property. Or if your time won’t permit you, at least have a trial for about a week.

So here you go, have a trip and enjoy finding your dream house in Ireland.

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